Short Stay Accommodation

Introducing Southampton Pad, two short stay apartments within a beautifully converted Edwardian building in the vibrant Polygon area of Southampton. These modern and comfortable spaces boasts high ceilings and a bay window, retaining the classic features that make it a unique and inviting home.

Accommodating up to three people in the 2 bedroom property , one double bedroom and one single bedroom and up to two people in the one doble bed property, they both offer a cozy home-away-from-home experience. Since 2012, we have welcomed a diverse range of guests, including overseas students, actors from the nearby Mayflower Theatre, university staff, holidaying families, and those relocating to the city, all drawn to the apartment’s exceptional location.

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Central Southampton

City Living

Southampton stands out as a fantastic destination for students seeking an enriching and dynamic university experience. From its academic prowess to its vibrant cultural scene, Southampton offers a unique blend of opportunities that make it an ideal place for students to thrive.

One of Southampton’s primary draws for students is its prestigious academic institutions. Home to the University of Southampton, a globally recognized research-intensive university, the city fosters an environment of innovation and intellectual growth. The University consistently ranks among the top institutions globally, renowned for its cutting-edge research and commitment to academic excellence.

The city’s academic landscape extends beyond the university, with several reputable colleges and institutions offering diverse courses. Southampton Solent University, for instance, specializes in creative industries, maritime, and business courses, providing students with a range of educational pathways to pursue their passions.

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Southampton History


Southampton in the last 2000 years

Nestled along the picturesque southern coast of England, Southampton is a city that breathes with history, its roots entwined with the tapestry of time. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a bustling maritime hub, Southampton’s journey is a captivating narrative that spans centuries.

The story of Southampton begins in Roman times when the settlement was known as Clausentum. Serving as a crucial outpost for the Roman Empire, Clausentum facilitated trade and played a pivotal role in connecting Britannia to the wider Roman world. The remnants of Roman walls and artifacts discovered in modern-day Southampton echo the city’s ancient origins.

As the medieval era dawned, Southampton evolved into a flourishing port. Its strategic location made it a vital trading hub, linking England to Europe and beyond. The city’s medieval walls, constructed to defend against invasions, stand testament to an era of economic prosperity and strategic significance. Southampton’s maritime prowess continued to burgeon, setting the stage for its future as a maritime powerhouse.

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